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The PHDS kit includes an upper triple fork and the PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Dampening System) handlebar mount. This kit allows the driver to mount the handlebar in 12 different positions. In addition, the handlebar is held in place with the patented PHDS handlebar clamp. It absorbs engine and chassis vibrations, decreasing forearm fatigue. The system also dampens acting forces on the handlebar in a horizontal and vertical direction, affording the driver a less strenuous ride.

The details of the triple clamp, cut from high-quality aluminum, are impressive. Special test stands were developed to ensure a secure clamping and precise fork guidance, guaranteeing that fork performance is distinctly superior to the production triple clamp. Driving situations are simulated with the aid of the test stand, delivering comparisons with the serial triple clamp. This allows XTRIG to design a triple clamp that will give the pilot a proactive driving advantage.

The advantages of the XTRIG triple clamp:

  • The X-CLAMP system lets you adjust the offset
  • Displays the current offset setting
  • Handlebar is mounted with PHDS or Fix-System
  • Precise alignment of the fork tube
  • Stiffness of the steering stem is perfectly tuned to the respective motorcycle model
  • Steering-head bearing is already mounted on the shaft tube
  • Special fork slot and clamping for precise fork operation
  • Precise clamping with special screws for low torque
  • Serial attachments can be mounted without auxiliary material
  • System flexibility adapted to the fork
  • Anodized in the technical factory look

CRF 450 2009 - CRF 250 2010 (OFFSET 22-24)
CRF 450 2009 - CRF 250 2010 (OFFSET 20-22)

KXF 250 2006-2010 (OFFSET 22-24)
KXF 250 2011 (OFFSET 21-23)
KXF 450 2009 (OFFSET 21-23)

RMZ 250 2010 (OFFSET 18.5-21.5)
RMZ 450 2010 (OFFSET 18.5-21.5)

YZF 250 2010 (OFFSET 23-25)
YZF 450 2010 (OFFSET 20-22





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