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YAMAHA YZF250 2015
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Motocross races are won or lost in the turns - that's why, from the ground up, the YZ250F has been designed for exceptional cornering.

Perfectly balanced, the new lightweight aluminium frame allows you to turn effortlessly on the approach to every bend. And with more linear power delivery through the rev-range, the revised 4-stroke DOHC 5-valve engine lets you power out of the exit. At the same time, the bike's responsive suspension gives feedback on the grip while smoothing over the bumps

On and off the track, the YZ250F's poise and agility are reflected in its sleek styling and its compact, dart-like shape. In every way, the YZ250F leaves the competition behind.


  • Lightweight Bilateral Beam aluminium frame
  • Improved mass-centralisation for better handling
  • 4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder
  • 250cc 5-valve engine
  • Long-stroke suspension for traction and road feel
  • New generation competition styling
Four stroke
250 cc
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